Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's been a while.

This month has been full of literal ridiculessness.

My son's intelligence has spiked up a little bit. I mean a lot of bit. I think it's safe to say he secretly eavsdrops on conversations I have with people while talking to adults. He asks about things that I talk about with friends later on in the day. It's kind of hilarious.

He's also more observant. Such as this conversation:

B: Mommy. Rake the leaves back into a pile!
M: B, I;m talking, you do it, you're better at it.
B: But I'm not a giiirl!

I'm pretty sure the reasoning behind that is he sees I'm doing all this raking so only girls can rake, obviously. Let's put two and two together now. What kid understands that kind of stuff? Maybe many do and I'm just crazy. On the other hand, it's prbably a good thing that he thinks girls do a lot of work, huh? Then that way he won't think girls are weak! AhHa! I just put two and two together myself. Like mother like son...? Is that a saying?

Negotians are an all around conversation in and of itself also these days. Take for instance, how he wanted to play baseball in the house so I explained to him we couldn't and that we could putt the ball into a box is how he tried to change my mind...

B: bout we do this...
M: Okay, what is it?
B: I stand here, you stand over there and throw the ball to me and I hit it into the box.

Um...really? Is that baseball or is that baseball? Eventually it turned into him yelling  NOOOO!! Like it was the end of the world so I sat him in timeout. Oh man, the time outs these days! A least 3 a week now. I know, I know..that's good compared to others. Still bad to go from none to that.

Speaking of compared to others, when you're thinking you're having a bad day, do me a favor and watch SUPERNANNY and then tell me how you feel. There are days or weeks where I want to boot my child out the window but then I watch that show and realize he is an angel baby! Man did I get lucky.

Eating cakebatter on his 3rd birthday this past June!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hospital visit

Fastest visit ever!

Saturday we ended up taking B to the hospital at night. Turns out he had a double ear infection! Wait, should I back up?

Block party was Saturday and although he was feeling pretty yuck, he still enjoyed himself. Playing in bouncy castle, running around, had a doughnut. By 6pm though, without warning, he just turned. It was crazy. So upset, screaming for no reason. Turns out his ears were killing him. Gave him tylenol then he passed out for an hour and ahalf. Woke up and was screaming.

Back to the hospital visit. Double ear infection but now all is better!


Went to the gym yesterday with him and this is a conversation him and a caretaker had:

Caretaker: Now what was with all that?
B: Whaaaat??
C: All that crying for mommy? You love it here!!
B: [bursts out laughing]

You would think after being cuddled and loved on for a week straight (because he was sick) that he would be okay today. B was a terror! I have never heard so much yelling in my life. Although, he's playing the "I'm sick" card a whole lot when it's convenient for him. For example:

Me: You need to share your trucks with Z. That's why we brought them.
B: Nooo. It's gonna make me sick if I do!

Like really? If it were that easy to get sick, would I force you to be sharing your toys all of the time? I tell ya. Some things that come out of his mouth to benefit himself is crazy. Again:

Me: Z if you would like some Mac and Cheese I made, you're welcome too.
Z: Ok. Can I have some?
B: Nooo. It's for me.
M: B, there is enough for both of you, you won't eat the whole box.
B: Oh yes I will!

Needless to say, Z ended up having a bowl of Mac and Cheese and Benjamin was delighted to let him have some.

He also had longest time out ever today too: FIVE MINUTES. Now in toddlerism, that is about five years. Ugh. I mean come on. If your child is yelling at you all day long for no reason AND when you pick him up to put him in time out head butts you, I think you would do it too. Not sure if the head butting was on purpose or on accident (I went with on purpose because well....he was screaming bloody murder).Did I mention that I was working (my babysitting job) all day? So his tantrums weren't helping. Weren't even at our own house.

Ugh. Bed time couldn't have come soon enough. 7:30pm and he was in bed...INSTANTLY!

Tantrum photo from the pool this summer.