Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do we need to put you back in diapers!?

Hello to all!

First time mother, but a second time blogger. Okay, so the first blog went awry but I decided to re-focus on mothering. I am Therese and I will be the one that entertains your minds about my 3 year old son.

Such as today.
My son has decided to not take naps anymore. That's okay with me seeing as I just acquired a job babysitting for a family 11-4 and he won't be getting one starting next week. Here's the kicker...last week, he decided to take all his clothes off his shelves (clean at that!) and all his clothes out of his hamper (dirty, ugh!) and throw them all over his room. Now was this necessary? No it wasn't. This is the conversation that followed after a timeout on the step:

Me: Why did you take your clothes off your shelves?
B: Because I wanted to
Me: You know better than to do that though.
B: I didn't want to sleep, Mommyyy.

That sounds like reason to me to take all clothes off his shelves. Did I mention he was underwear-less as well? That brings me to my next annoyance about no naps going on.

Today he decided to not take a nap. In honor of taking off his underwear while not napping, he decided to do it AFTER he pooped in his underwear and sit on his bed! What in the world!? I know. So I asked if he needed to go back into diapers (of course I would never do that but I couldn't help but want to know his answer), but he said no and stood in the corner pouting at me.

Now he sits in his blue folding chair that he uses for "beach parties" in our family room, watching SpongeBob, and saying AYE AYE CAPTAIN! Like all this never happened.


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