Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is it punishment if it's a game to him?

Is that a smile?

Although my initial posts were on the bad/ridiculous side of my life, I now have quite some funny ones.

You see, I work out every day in the morning while my son plays in the daycare at my gym. As per usual, he stood in the corner next to his shoes (looking at the ladies who run the daycare even though he knows them all) while I walked out the door. No tears, so that's always a great sign!

After I run my 2 miles and doing some weights with weight machines, I always go back and get him (yes, even on the days that I want to rip my hair out). Normally, he's off on his own playing with cars or trucks. Lining them up or color coding them (OCD, I know) by himself.

On this particular day, I walked into the daycare and didn't see him in his usual spot with his usual lady hanging out and playing. Instead he was on the other side of the room playing with a boy his age. Oh it was so nice to see him enjoying himself. I obviously stayed quiet and watched him play while signing him out.

On the way to run an errand in the car I asked him how his day was in daycare:
Me: Did you have fun?
B: Yeaaa.
Me: Did you play with the kids?
B: Yes Mommyyy
Me: What was his name?
B: Um....(really thinks) I don't know.

Oh how I wish he knew how to ask for kids names. So adorable as he didn't know his name but wanted to play with him.

Daily news about his shelves. WE HAVE A DRESSER. The 5th and 6th time I clearly drew the line and put an end to that madness. How in the world does he not get that it's a bad thing?! Don't touch your shelves. Okay I won't. What does he do? RIPS OFF THE CLOTHES AGAIN. I had my quota of anger about it and got a dresser from my parents attic.

The punishment? Help me pick up the clothes and fold them and put them away. is it punishment when he finds it fun? Diving into the pile of clothes and grabbing underwear and socks out and then diving into his own pile of underwear and socks? Oy!!

All in all...I will give this post a rating of happiness and not sighing.

[Insert dresser picture here]
(Pssst. I need to upload it still)

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