Monday, September 26, 2011

Simply Sweet

I lay in bed listening to my son snore softly and can't help but want to cuddle him up.

Started my second week of work! B seems to be enjoying it. Today was the greatest day in a 3 year olds eyes ever. (Although it was great for me as well!) Seems as if spring and fall switched places and it's now raining all the time. Since it was so yucky out today we did some amazing things in the house...

Wait for it...


Granted, half way through they both got up and played for 20 minutes, but they enjoyed themselves! We didn't have all the fixin's though. No popcorn. That was a bummer. The baby slept for 2 hours though which gave them uninterrupted viewing time as well. It was a fabulous time. I'm also trying to remember my funny conversations with them, but it's so hard when two 3 year olds talk to all day in hysterically funny ways! Need to find motherhood-y things to write about!

Note to self: Get pen and paper and write them down!

My child gets languages mixed up. At least, when he talks in his sleep, he sounds like he's speaking Tagalog (which is the language for Filipino's which is what my husband is). Makes me wonder if he secretly knows the language since my husband and his grandparents have spoken it in front of him since the day he was born(even in womb! TMI?).

He's feeling a little under the weather right now which isn't a good sign for my week ahead. Fevers for no reason and just all around tired. Last night he woke up in hysterics with a fever of 102 and tonight he woke up (after an hour of sleeping) in hysterics in a cold sweat and a temp of 96.9. Hopefully his fever broke.He crawled into my bed after I calmed him down and passed out within 2 seconds of his head hitting the pillow. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow morning and try to make an appointment for Wednesday morning before work or go to the take care clinic tomorrow morning at Walgreens before work. Who knows the reasonings for this all.

Ears are red which happens to me when I get tired.
Fevers for no reason which happens to me when I get tired.
Complains about his head hurting, which happens to me when I'm overly tired.

Although, it could mean he has a sinus problem and that's not good for my son if they are anything like mine. So I think my call as of right now is to go to take care clinic in the morning!

Off to snoring land as well.

Sick in Louisiana last year. November 2010

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