Monday, September 19, 2011

Toddler Rules

Made it on through.

The joys of working are great. You get paid. You do something you like (or hate but can't quit). But the best part of my job? Enjoying playing, bantering, three year olds all day. Oh my gosh. If anyone ever doubts that toddler's don't understand the world, put them in a room with a two way mirror, looking onto toddler's playing. The conversations they have are crazy. Especially when it comes to creating new games and rules to these new games.

Z: Let's play soccer!
B: Yea! Knock cones over soccer.

Like really? Soccer is fun. Knocking the cones over to play soccer is even better?! Who would have thought. Or the fact that picking up sticks and putting them into mud is the greatest entertainment in the world.

Me: It's a forest of sticks!
Z: It's a stick house!
B: Stick castle!
Z: Stick castle?
B: Yea!

Not sure where that one came from, but it came from somewhere and boy did they go with it. All they talked about from there on out was their stick castle. It's all just so funny. Sometimes I do wonder what goes on in their little heads. But then again, they remember everything so vividly that it comes out in their playing.

The whole aftermath of this day came at (of course) bed time. You would think a kid that had been yawning throughout his dinner, laid on the couch for an hour, took the quickest bath in the world, and could barely keep his eyes open would be ecstatic for bed time. What did my child do? Scream bloody freakin' murder. Thank the lord it's chilly out and the windows are closed. Cops may have been called on me. Like the exorcist child "Mommmaaaaaaa" all raspy and awkward. (I hope he's okay...)

I swear, sometimes I want to have a heart to heart with his brain.
"Listen here brain of my three year old son. In, oh let's say, 10 years you'll be wanting to kick my ass for waking you UP from your naps. You will LOVE going to bed and then 10-15 years after that, you'll want to crawl into bed at 9:00pm especially if you have a child screaming like he's being chased by a bloody monster."

Is that weird? Or do I just give up now and hope it isn't like this every night. I so wish I could flap around on the ground screaming my head off when I'm exhausted. That would be about 95% of my day.

He'll be refreshed tomorrow. That's what 10 hours of sleep better do for him.

(Picture from a month or so ago, love it though)

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